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Salads are a great nutritious filler for meals, and compliment just about any dish
You will need /
800g of pumpkin (raw weight)
1 bag of baby spinach
2 Table spoons roasted pine nutes
150g sprinkle of Feta cheese (reduced salt optional)
Salad dressing, optional
Wash the pumpkin and spinach, (remove the skin of the pumpkin, optional) chop the pumpkin and bake until cooked.

Roast or pan fry pine nuts until golden, set the pumpkin aside to cool off.
In a medium bowl toss the baby spinach, pumpkin and pine nuts.
Sprinkle with feta.
You may dress the salad with your prefered dressing of your desire.
You can double the recipe if you are catering for a big group of friends,
We’d love your feed back and or improvised recipe, comment below.