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Pilates (Studio 1)

A challenging workout for your abs, arms and legs, while promoting flexibility, strength and stability of the spine. You will perform Pilates mat-based exercises, taught with modifications to simplify or intensify the workout to suit ALL levels.

Arena Flexi
Arena Flexi (Studio 1)

This full body stretch class works on improving flexibility and Mobility through dynamic movements and a combination of static and developmental holds.

cycle core
Cycle Core (Studio 1)

Hop on the bike and work through different terrains, different riding positions, resistance and speed levels. This class is low impact and great for developing extreme leg strength, make your core muscles stronger as well as building excellent cardiovascular fitness. All this, while training at your own level to awesome music!


If you’re looking to drop body fat, build and tone your muscles, or just want to create healthier habits, this 8-Week Kick Start Challenge will be the perfect, organised approach to get you there.

Our next 8-week programme starts February 27th, 2024. Get in contact with a member of staff for more information.

VitaBox (Studio 2)

Designed for our senior members to learn the fundamentals of boxing. This class has easy-to-follow exercises to create boxing skills, improve fitness and keep moving.

Arena HIIT 30
Arena HIIT 30 (Studio 1)

Our 30-minute, high-intensity interval training total body workout class! This class combines cardio and bodyweight exercises to burn calories and fat in a shorter period of time. Boost your metabolism, and get fitter faster!

Yoga (Studio 1)

Yoga is an ancient system of breathing practices, physical exercise, posture and meditation intended to integrate your body, mind and spirit. This class will seriously help you get better mobility, balance and flexibility, and will help you improve your toned physique.

Vitalise (Studio 1)

A successful group fitness training class for our senior members looking to have fun, get moving and gain strength. We focus on functional, easy to follow exercises that will help you to keep up an active and independent lifestyle

Box-Fit (Studio 2)

This is a high-intensity workout that will burn calories, enhance cardio fitness and make you sweat. There will be a combination of bag and pad work with functional bodyweight movements.

Arena Functional (Studio 2)

A functional workout that improves strength and mobility whilst challenging your fitness. Resistance movements combined within this class will see you noticing results in no time.

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