Our Front of House super star Melissa’s flavour of the month.

Melissa loves to prepare this dish for her family or unexpected guests, it is super easy and full of nutrients.
Mini Muffin Frittatas:
You’ll need a muffin tin of any size, whatever your preference. Best to grease this with oil or butter of choice to prevent sticking.
Whisk up a good few eggs and season well with salt and pepper. The number of eggs will depend on the size of your muffins and how much filling you pop in each
Pick your fillers and pre-cook any raw meats like bacon etc!
Good combos are – Bacon, Tomato & Cheese, Spinach & Feta, Corn & Capsicum, Smoked Salmon with capers & dill.
Chop up the fillers into very small pieces and sprinkle with gusto into each muffin hole. Pour over the whisked egg to fill each hole up. Pop in the oven on a medium heat until each muffin is cooked through and slightly golden on top. Times will vary with size and density of the muffins. Eat straight away or cool and reheat later as an on the go breakfast or snack. These can also be frozen and reheated once defrosted fully.
Other cool things to add are fresh or dried herbs, Green or red pesto, Curry Powder, Paprika, seeds, grated Mozzarella and Red Onion. The possibilities are endless.