Parenting is hard at the best of times let alone being thrown into quarantine with them! – By Kerri

“When children pretend, they’re using their imaginations to move beyond the bounds of reality. A stick can be a magic wand. A sock can be a puppet. A small child can be a superhero.”

– Fred Rogers

As some of you may be experiencing lockdown with children and coming to the realisation that they are noisy. YUP. Sorry neighbours… from 6:30am to 7:30pm its constant noise.. maybe its bickering between siblings, using “outside voices” inside, laughing, crying, excitement from a new game or during the moment right before they beat you at monopoly or melting down because they are so hungry and thirsty that their little bodies just….cant…cope….anymore!

Parenting is hard at the best of times let alone being thrown into quarantine with them!

During this time I’ve tried to keep my own sanity…

· I’ve introduced my little boys (8 & 6) to a few new critical thinking games that one loves and enjoys, the other just wants to steal the pieces and get his feet in the way of our game.

· We have planted some old seeds together using an egg carton. I’m not convinced they will grow but my 6yr old is ever so hopeful that soon he will have wildflowers sprouting in no time… eeeeek! Nonetheless they enjoyed mucking about in the dirt.

· I’ve even gone old skool with my boys and we have spun around on the washing line!

· Baking using the computers to research recipes or reading cookbooks learning about glossaries, contents pages and locating the recipe they like then getting them to read, includes literacy and mathematic exercises with measuring amounts and following directions.

Having kids during this time is difficult. Difficult for us and for them. So don’t be hard on yourselves… Yes they should be in school doing school work but while they are having free-play which ISN’T PARENT LED!!! (YIPPEEEE I hear you all shout!) then they are learning and developing their own educational pathways.

Yes they still need us around and about for guidance here and there but don’t stress so much. Use the TV, use the computer games/devices for your sanity and their “down time” not all day but moderation is great. They can be used as helpful tools. If you’re really worried about the educational benefits then throw them onto some online learning games.

Take some time out and listen to a very switched on man in education called Nathan Wallis he is amazing and will provide also some light relief on parenting… check him out on facebook and Instagram. He makes sense, is funny and easy to listen to.

CHALLENGE……. I challenge you to switch roles with your kids, play with them… 30min… you cant say no to their demands, (unless its life threatening lol) they are the leaders and create the rules you have no choice…. WARNING…. Playing with small children may mean you have to play “families” You will…

A) See some behaviours that they are mimicking from the house…. Verbal and body language…. That’s ok… it shows that they are learning from us every day and can be a huge eye opener.. now think.. OH GOSH do they play families like this at school in

front of their teachers!!? Hahahaha. Yes, yes they do… the things teachers hear and see its soooo funny. 🙂

B) You may be designated the role of family cat, or baby…. Both roles will mean you are on your hands and knees making hideous noises….. But it’ll be fine and the kids will love it. 🙂

I encourage you to learn like they do… PLAY! Tap into your imagination and see how much you can learn with and from your kids!

So comment below what are some things you have been up to with your kids… What have they got you doing through your 30min play sessions…. Let me know if you want a few online game links thrown in your direction, I can put some up.