trainer Mark
Trainer Introduction

Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor Mark

As long as you give Mark 100%, he’ll always give you 200% back.

Mark’s goal in this industry is to help train, educate, motivate and inspire as many people as he possibly can. As your instructor, he will design training programmes which will be tailored to suit YOU and YOUR goals. Your workouts will also be recorded so you’ll be able to see your progress as time goes by. Mark will also be there to help guide, and provide motivation every step of the way. Allow Mark to help you create better habits and watch those habits create a better you.

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Mark’s Training Focus Qualifications & Experience
Strength Training National certificate in fitness (Exercise Consultant) (Level 3)
Gain lean muscle mass National Certificate in Fitness (Personal Training business Skills) (Level 4)
Fat loss / weight management First Aid Certificate
Improve mobility Earn your Ultimate Body Instructor
Nutritional Advisor

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