Trainer Introduction

Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor

If you want to be trained by a true fitness and training expert and reach levels you didn’t think possible, book a session with Eric.

Eric’s knowledge and experience in the fitness industry is vast.  Eric’s 40+ years as a competitive athlete in NZ, France, Germany & Switzerland in different sports (Fencing, Judo, Olympic Weightlifting, Power lifting, Handball), will give you some insight into what he can offer to you.

Eric’s Experience Qualifications
Power lifting Fire-fighter (France)
Olympic Weightlifting Bachelor in Nursing (France)
Functional Training Operating Theatre Nurse (Switzerland)
Judo Degree in Sport and Fitness (France)
Pilates Judo Coach (France)
Sport Conditioning Club Weightlifting/Sport Power Coach Level 1 (Australia)
Post Rehabilitation Training Pilates Instructor
ELDOA 1 and 2 (The American Institut of Applied Soma Training)
Myofascial stretching (The American Institut of Applied Soma Training)
Certified Trx trainer level 1
Certified VIPR trainer level 1
Certified Australian Sport Anti-doping level 1 & 2
Crossfit level 1 Trainer

Contact: 021 246 0798