Trainer Introduction

Personal Trainer Blake

Blake’s passion for training comes from his upbringing, as his parents were both race horse trainers as well as sports fanatics.

Blake started with football at 7, and found a love for boxing when he was 12. He trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under SGMA Martial Arts Academy for two years. Then he linked up with David Tua and Gus Lam in 2010, and spent nearly four years under their tutelage. After training alongside multiple All Blacks and other professional athletes, Blake decided to use his experience and passion for the fitness industry, and turn it into a career.

Blake has over 20 years of involvement in exercise, from sports and martial arts to the gym industry. Blake’s objective is to incorporate all of his knowledge and provide an effective workout program that meets your overall fitness goals. In addition, Blake also specialises by helping you get results in greater speed, agility, timing, mobility and self-defence.

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Blake specialises in:
  1. functional training
  2. boxing and martial arts
  3. body transformation
  4. weight loss and sculpting
  5. mobility and flexibility
  6. overall athleticism
Blake has additional experience in:
  1. Boxing
  2. Brazilian jujitsu (MMA OFFICIAL NZ 10 + Years)
  3. Kettlebells
  4. Yoga
  5. Bootcamps
  6. HIIT

Qualifications & Experience
Level 3/4 NZIHF

First Aid Certified

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