Upfront fee.
(Upfront fee covers joining + first week access. Direct debit payments start one week from joining)


Our Student membership will give you access to our premium gym and a variety of group exercise classes. 

Sign up today and we’ll schedule your first assessment with one of our fitness trainers. Once we know your goals we’ll supply you with a Kick Starter Program, a personalised workout plan designed to help you achieve your exercise goals. We have Fitness Trainers on hand at all times to help with any questions you may have, and give you tips and pointers. Your Elite Membership allows you join any of our GX Classes to optimize your exercise results and add variety to your training.




Your Student Membership will give you all the following…

  • Arena Fitness Access During Open Hours
  • Included is a Kick Starter Premium Workout Program
  • 6 to 8 weekly program update
  • Access to a variety of GX Classes
  • Car Park Pass
  • Change Room/Shower Facility

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All you need to pay is our upfront fee of $56.