Not losing weight?

Not gaining the lean muscle that you want?

Possibly suffering from low energy?!

If you can relate to the above, then it is time you booked in at Arena Fitness for a nutrition consultation. Mark Murray has great success from his own personal development of transforming his own physique and the clients who have followed the prescribed meal plans by Mark.

Arena Fitness does not believe in diets, by introducing individualised meal plans we aim to create a culture of eating well balanced meals specific to your workout plans, goals and daily lifestyle. There will be NO fad diets, NO restrictions – you may continue to enjoy the foods you like.

What you will receive: An initial consultation to cover off what you want to achieve whether it is a long term or short term goal, receive a personalised meal plan and nutrition note book to document what you are consuming daily – this will help you monitor how your days are tracking. Initial measurements and weight is also included.

What you can achieve (individually specific)

Continue to eat the foods you enjoy

Lose weight

Gain lean lass

Increase energy levels

Improve better with sporting actives

Feel healthier

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$70 current members (of Arena Fitness and Arena Boxing)

non-members $85

$630 (PIF) Nutrition concession 3 personalised meal plans 10 consultation appointments, 45mins in length.

Review appointments

$55 current members (of Arena Fitness and Arena Boxing)

$45 non-members

Review includes cover current meal plan, how it went/progress, basic tweaks to current meal plan, measurement comparison. Review if the design of a new meal plan is required