It’s not about ‘having’ time it’s about ‘making’ time.

Hi, I’m Vicky the Sales & Marketing Manager here. I had twin boys in early 2021 and since then I haven’t “had time” to exercise and focus on my health and wellness.

With my jeans getting tighter and tighter, I decided to commit myself to “Make Time” and signed up to the current 6 weeks Blitz challenge. Read on if you are keen to find out how my first week went.

Starting the week motivated and ready to commit to the goals. The aim was to do 3 gym sessions.  I managed to attend both of the group workouts and  kept myself active at the weekend with walking and swimming. Mark made the group workouts more functional and mobility based which my body certainly needed after sitting at a desk all day.

The meal plan and prep was my biggest challenge. Trying to cook whilst keeping a eye on very active climbing 15 month old’s was difficult. (Imagine half way through cooking some chicken and then diving to save a toddler from falling off the couch). So towards the end of the week I struggled to stick the meal plan but tried keep it as healthy as possible. I am the biggest chocolate & wine addict but managed to survive the week without any. Gold star for me! and the awesome Mark has worked my coffee addiction into my meal plan.  Wahoo

Week 1 done and I am feeling better within myself and have more energy. Roll on week 2.