Tone’s Boxing Glove tips

“Boxing matches were added to the Olympic games in 688 BC. The athletes boxed without any breaks until one of the opponents was not longer able to defend himself. The Greek boxers wrapped leather straps around their fists, while from 150 BC Roman boxers wore gloves that were reinforced with iron and lead. The British boxer Jack Broughton introduced the use of padded boxing gloves (mufflers) for training and exhibition matches after killing an opponent” (Förstl, et al., 2010)

The function of the boxing gloves is of course to protect the opponent. This rule became widespread in 1867 (The Queensberry Rules) and was suggested by Jack Broughton in 1742. But, if you are doing boxing to get fit only, what is the importance of good gloves. Well, I will be very simple here – The boxing gloves are like your shoes! Would you like to run wearing an uncomfortable pair? So, my first advice is not to buy the most expensive glove but, instead, the one you feel comfortable with. The gloves should fit your hands well. Should not be much movement for your hands inside the gloves. Should be tight and firm around your wrists. How about the “OZ” – this means the weight of the gloves and how much protection for the opponent. 8oz gloves = 226 g, and a 16oz gloves = 453 g. Would you like to run with heavy shoes? I wouldn’t like to box with heavy gloves neither :-).

Because you need gloves for fitness, a light glove may be a better choice. So, the best boxing gloves for you, will depend on how big your hands are! But don’t forget, they should be comfortable like your shoes!!