Sally up Sally down

“Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally down…” Some famous words from Moby that a few of you quiver at the sound of I’m sure. I have even heard people mentioning the original words are “green sally up, green sally down, lift and squat gotta tear the ground…” I’ll leave this as a debate for another day, however, If you have ever trained with Eric, I am sure you would know that song and have experienced its wrath. If you have no idea what I’m on about, then you’re in for a wee treat. A little bit of gold in terms of exercise advice.

“Flower” by Moby is a track commonly used by trainers. It’s a great pre workout warm up and can also be used as a finisher for a muscle group you need to burn out and fatigue.

Most trainers use this song to squats, push ups and the uber strong do it to pull ups. So today, whilst weather was stormy outside, I decided to run through a few different exercises to “Flower” as my own work out. So although my boys Mr6 & Mr8 thought their mother had gone loopy(ier) I trialled hyper extensions hanging off a table to work the glutes and then figured I may not be uber strong but I could sure as heck manage body rows, so not only was I on top of the table I was hanging out underneath it also (literally). Then I went through some crunches, tricep dip, side plank dips, bear hold burpess and alternating reverse lunges…was a busy day… did I do the full song to each exercise? NO way hozay, just enough to witness the burn.