School Holiday Ideas…

School holidays are fast approaching and we as parents will be busy again organising our time to entertain our children. I’m tempted to pack them some bags for the next 2 weeks and send them off to their grandparents…I’m pretty sure their grandparents have really missed them over the Lockdown and are dying to spend time with them… right? 😉

Exercise is not only important for us as adults but also for our children. By providing them with opportunities to exercise at a young age it will encourage healthy habits as they get older. It’s too easy these days for children to get wrapped up in their devices. I’m not saying it is a bad thing I believe it definitely does have its place. I am also one that relies on the electronic babysitter from time to time.

So as the holidays are just around the corner I asked Mr 6 & Mr 8 what it is that they would like to do over their 2 week break. I asked for their top 5… so here are their top 8 picks… (go figure).

In no order of preference….

Ice Skating – New Lynn, Paradise Ice “because I can go really fast and I like it when they turn the music loud.

Lazer Tag – Wairau Road “because it’s fun to go and make hiding places with your friends. We get all sweaty from running.

Rock Climbing – Glen Eden “I like going there to practise climbing really high to the top of the walls, but sometimes I don’t get right to the top

Flipping Fun/Jump – Henderson/Rosebank Road “I like to go to play dodgeball and to do flips in the foam pits.

Soccer – Local Park. “Because it’s fun I practise how to score goals and my footwork.

Gymnastics Holiday Program – New Lynn Waitakere Gymnastics “They do lots of fun games and we get to meet other kids

Skate Park – Westmere, Swanson “Because we can take our bikes, scooters and skateboards so we don’t get bored and there is a playground too

Inflatable World – Dominion Road “I like all the different bouncy castles, and the obstacle course with the big slide.