Kerri’s Overnight Oats

I prepare my overnight oats when I know I will be having an early start the next day… For example when I need to open the gym on a Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.

Quick and simple to prepare and don’t need many ingredients.

I use wholegrain oats and normally a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds if I have them I find these ingredients make it more filling.

I find the microwave steam jug by sistema perfect as they need to be in a sealed container overnight to develop and then if in the morning I want them warm I open the steamer vent and throw in the microwave for 40sec….Otherwise I’ll eat them cold and they are still yummy!

Loads of flavour combos can be created….  My fav is peanut butter and Nutella when I want something sweet…. otherwise I’ll throw in some raisons and cinnamon if I’m going more savoury!

Give it a try let me know your combos!! Email Kerri: