Kerri’s Easter Blog

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

– Dr Seuss

A friend of ours drove up our street today parked at the end of our driveway for a quick “reconnect (2m bubbles maintained of course!). He totally confirmed the above quote for me today when he said that even though it may be a challenging time for parents entertaining their kids all day, this will be a memory that your children will recall fondly. They get to enjoy the comforts of home all day, they get their parents attention all day and most of all they get time for their self-directed learning which to us adults looks like “play”. We often look at these situations as if looking through a one-way mirror and forget to take the perspective of our children.

I asked Mr 6 what has been his highlights during this lockdown, to which he replied;

skating, painting, spending time with you guys (giving me a big hug) and playing Laser Tag as a family in the night time.

And Mr 8 also backed up his brother by also commenting “Laser Tag”, (typically mumbled in as few words as possible – 8 going on 14 am I right?).

All these moments were spent with either me and the kids (while Dad works in the office) or as a family. Neither of the boys commented on the number of hours they have been able to play roblox on the laptops or Nintendo or how many episodes of their tv programs they have watched, proving that what they have really enjoyed was time spent as a family or doing things with me.

With Easter coming up, (for those that celebrate it) don’t let this moment pass by without some joy. Don’t let this pandemic take away the opportunity with your children. The Easter bunny should not be in quarantine! 🙂

Instead, embrace this situation! Do your Easter Egg hunt, play games, colour in your Easter pictures, melt chocolate and create your own eggs from moulds and decorate your houses if you wish, (why not? You have the time!).

This Easter my family are going to take part in a backyard obstacle course where they have to make a pair of bunny ears from cardboard and run through an obstacle course – with chocolate as the price of course!. Just for a bit of fun and something a little different.

So families as some of you are still lucky enough to be busy ‘working from home’ try to take your lunch break every day, do something with your children, spend time with them no matter how “normal” or “boring” the activity may be for you because to our kids this imposed isolation lockdown can either be remembered for endless boredom or as a magical time for your children. Happy Easter!